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Superheroes with unexplored superpowers.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

I thought I could never be a superhero, but, down to the bones, we are all superheroes with unexplored superpowers.

I have started working as soon as I graduated; I did not mean to graduate in the degree I have. I wanted to become a linguist, a polyglot. Instead, I have ended up in front of a PC coding. I’m glad I get to do what I like once a week. Did you not get it yet? Blogging!

I think there are many special people with unimaginable superpowers in today’s world. Like someone’s dance can make you want to dance too, someone’s song can make you want to sing, or someone’s invention can make you want to bury yourself in research. But is that you? I have struggled to know what I like to do, even now, I am not entirely sure. One thing I am sure of is that; I do not wish to hustle. I would rather be a turtle than a rabbit. (As in live a life at a slower pace. or at my pace.)

These superpowers, we all have them. Or we can pick them, like a favorite color? We might not have realized that yet. Maybe we need a nudge to discover those. Perhaps we need to fall to use them to rise. I am not sure at all. I think I have the superpower of being emotional—way more than necessary. Trust me, it does not always feel good, and it does not always make me feel strong. There are loopholes, but I don’t want to change this trait in me. It makes me feel full. I also have a superpower in learning languages! (I think) Shhh! It's a secret!

I think many many more superpowers in me are yet to be discovered. I believe that you have some exploring to do as well!!

This is my ‘super’ discovery. Do let me know your superpowers in the comments below!

Blog by Aadhya.

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