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After a really long break!

Hello everyone, I'm back! This time, I promise myself to be more active on my blog, duh, right?

So, this is a congratulatory post for me! Yay!! The first step is the tough one, we all know this. Being persistent is tough. A well-known fact: as time passes; as you experience (good or bad) things: you change. Being persistent, and going back to doing something that you started at some point in your life is tougher especially when you change. This has definitely been the case for me. Took me a whole year to get back to doing this after some major lifestyle changes, some horrible experiences, and some honey-sweet interactions.

I look forward to sharing all these experiences in a poetic, rhythmic, or flavoured fashion. Maybe also share some hobbies I developed during this phase of my life, and how they helped me. Maybe they can help you by making you laugh your ass off or cry your tears into a bucket.

P.S. I love anyone who has stayed subscribed to my blog. I don't know if I will be active on Instagram yet. But, who knows?

Love, Aadhya.

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