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This is my personal blog, as well as a platform for everyone who visits here. I have always been mesmerized by the power of words and languages. I created this blog in hopes of understanding how poems, food, books, and songs influence our lives and moods in a very significant way and yet, so seamlessly. Hope to let you guys know about my discoveries as I let myself open up.

Any interests/suggestions, please fill out the contact form. Tap on the image above to fill out the form and submit your work or the music you would love to share!

Eagerly looking forward to your replies and submissions!

(If you get published, I will upload your about on my page!).

About Me

Hey! I'm Aadhya. 

I am an amateur writer determined to face the world, head-on. 

I enjoy my company and am content with all that I am. As you might have already observed, my works are eclectic. I’m a self-proclaimed Potter head. I think the best fragrances are of old books and of rain.

I ponder over stuff for way too long. 

I either read or annoy people over text. 

I love anything chocolate or coffee. 

Always open to get feedback on my work and converse about it. 

I believe that one day, people would read my work, not as a hobby, but to be reminded of what they felt once, when they read it. 

You can find my work at @aadhyasblog on Instagram.


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