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Letter to my best friend from the past


I wanted to thank you for the times we've been together. For the laughs we've shared. For the times we teased each other. For the dreams we dreamt together. For the smart suggestions you've given me. For the times you've inspired me. For the times you've pulled me out of my darkness. For the times you'd never let me cry alone. For the times you've listened to me. For those times you've always checked on me. For those times you've waited for me patiently and eagerly. For the times you'd come back to me. Most of all, for the void you've filled in my life by being my best friend.

Sorry for the petty fights I'd fight with you. For the times I ignored you. For not answering your calls and messages. For not realizing that I was important to you. For making you feel that you were less important to me, at times. For not telling you that I miss you too.

I know you'd really hate hearing sorry and thank you, but here's something I wanted you to know, I miss you, I really do.

Hoping to see you someday with all the love you used to have for me!


Your always wannabe best friend.

Written by Sri Haritha Deevi, curated by Aadhya.

[Picture : UnSplash]

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