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I inscribe the names

of people

I love, on the barriers

of my heart.

They stand there

even after they’ve elapsed.

Like memories,

reviving me, when I’m annihilated.

All these names,

they stand there, like

scars, that cannot be


When I’m aching, I

try to scratch these names off

the walls of my heart.

Instead, I ache more.

But, this treacherous heart, runs

and seeks new names,

to be written, to be remembered

and to be dwelled on.

Only leading to more

pain and the urge

of forgetting.

I keep loving better.

But, my love,

I cannot promise you

that my love will be

as innocent or as new as it was.

What I can promise you,

is all of me,

with the ugly,

deep scars,

and a life full

of happy


Would you take me as I am?

Because, I’m willing to take you 

with all of you.

Written by Aadhya.

[Image from UnSplash]

PS: Tell me how you perceived this one in the comments! I would really love to hear your feedback and any suggestions are welcome! Thanks for reading all the way here, you lovely, kind human!

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Sai Surya Indraganti
Sai Surya Indraganti
Apr 12

Your verses eloquently reflect on love's lasting impact and the courage to embrace it anew, despite past hurts. The imagery of names etched on the heart is powerful, and the final plea for mutual acceptance is deeply touching. It's a heartfelt reminder that love is a journey of both scars and joy. Thank you for sharing such a resonant and touching testament to love’s complex journey.


Niranjan Banda
Niranjan Banda
Apr 12

Wow! Just wowww!!!😍❤️

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