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My view on: feelings.

Sometimes, I'm surprised by how vast the feelings we feel are.

How weird, entwined, and impossible some can be, how unachievable they can be, and how they can be old and new at the same time.

I never thought I could feel them, really, but, I do too. It's like they are like a universe, growing all the time, and forcing us to learn and know constantly, and making us curious for forever, not offering a conclusion.

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deepak raya
deepak raya
19 juin 2020

Most of the times, we don't know the label for our feelings, yeah, it's wonderful that there are infinitely many feelings that we often, don't know.

But, this turns out to be a problem, we mislabel them, and overthink.

We have to realise that, there are many feelings of unknown lables.

This post exactly does that.

Very nice

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