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Sometimes I feel I am that left-out person in today’s hustle.

Like everyone is a finished art, and I’m not. So, I push myself to do more, to excel in more things than any average person. While I throw away or box up all of my feelings somewhere far and deep. I have been doing more and it hasn’t made me happy.

I now realize that it doesn’t matter how much you know, or how famous you are. All that matters is at the end of the day, when you go home, smiling and waiting for that dramatic story of mom’s, that overly adventure-ized stories of dad, and not-so-funny tales of your sibling. The night spent warmly wrapped in the arms of your love is enough to take you out of this world, and suddenly you remember those dreams! You start believing in yourself, and you believe you will achieve them if you try.

Honestly, everyone is a work in progress. Everyone. That’s how the stories are built. That’s how lives are lived. Are you building your story yet?

Written by Aadhya.

[Picture credits: Unsplash]

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