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People Around You

Appreciate people around you,

people who care, and who don’t,

people who love you, and who you love,

people who hate you, and who you hate,

people who don’t know you exist,

because they might like you too much,

or hate your guts.

There's just too many possibilities with them.

Be mindful of people who fall in love too fast,

because they fall hard.

They have plans, they have lists of to-dos,

they have memories, and their feelings are deeper than the ocean.

They experience all of it, in their heads,

the rush and the peace, the comfort and the anguish.

Make them feel very loved.

Be amiable to people in a lover’s dilemma,

they don’t know if they fight for the fear of losing each other,

or for the hate they hold in their mind.

Their thoughts are deep and full of warmth,

they are just scared for that, they sacrifice to love someone

and not know if it will be reciprocated.

Tell them that their love is undefeated.

Be conscious of people who just broke up,

for they couldn’t hold all the built-up emotions from breaking out,

making a mess, never the same after.

They only hope that it turns out to be a beautiful painting

than a devilish piece: incomplete.

Tell them that it’s okay, and they can turn themselves into

whatever they desire to be.

Cherish the people who always smile,

For they fill your heart just by existing.

All these people, maybe one or many,

but they have a place in your world,

they are all that you want them to be,

in or out of your world.

Written by Aadhya.

[Image from UnSplash]

PS: Tell me how you perceived this one in the comments! I would really love to hear your feedback and any suggestions are welcome! Thanks for reading all the way here, you lovely, kind human!

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Niranjan Banda
Niranjan Banda
Jun 16, 2023


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