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Stormy Nights

In the warmth of your embrace

I look out to the trees

dancing to the heavy wind

as if it`s not scary at all.

The rain accompanies the

trees in this dance

with the merciless clouds

and the hidden moon

bearing witness.

Do you think they bear

witness to our ruthless


I believe it isn`t scary

because trees have rain`s embrace,

Just like I have you.

In your confused

eyes I see why I mastered

all the words.

To tell you

how bewitching

this world

feels with you.

Written by Aadhya.

Curated by Niranjan.

[Image from UnSplash]

PS: Tell me how you perceived this one in the comments! I would really love to hear your feedback and any suggestions are welcome! Thanks for reading all the way till here, you lovely, kind human!

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