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Contest: How-to help guide.

Hello, fellow Writers!! Get your thinking hats ready!!!

I hope you are as excited as I am about this contest. This blog will function as a step by step guide for you to submit your works!

The contest is until 31st August 2020. Take your pens out, we are at war!

Here's the 3-step guide. Read carefully!

Step 1:

Write a poem, a blog, a music suggestion, or a limerick. (We are limited to these categories for now.) * No limitations or rules for a poem or a music suggestion.

* Whereas a limerick can be no more than 7 lines, and a blog can be no more than 500 words. I am looking forward to all of your submissions!

Please write to me if you have any further queries. :)

Step 2:

Add "Contest Submission [Submission Type^]" before the title of your work. Navigate to Contact Details & Contests page, and scroll to 'Submit your Work' form and submit your contest pieces.

Submit your work here.

(^Submission Type can be a Blog, Poem, Limerick, or Music suggestion.)

Step 3:

You can submit as many works as you want to!! Write your hearts out, pals!

The winner gets 500 Rupees INR! And a feature on this blog!!

Written and Curated by Aadhya.

Please spread the word and subscribe!!

or how millennials say: Like ♥️, share🥳, and subscribe⛄!! You'll get a cute newsletter📰 and music suggestions🎶 every month!! You'll like it!🥳🥳

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