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Your Heaven

As I dip my feet into the

warm water I instantly feel

the stress lifting off me,

like vapor.

When I sense the aroma

my senses all sharpen, my

mind at ease.

As I dip myself in the

lucid water, all the pain I’ve

been feeling, just evaporates.

Poof. Like magic.

I just fall asleep in this heaven.

For heaven, my dear

gives you

what you



Love and,


[P.S: The lockdown and social distancing have grown onto me a little slowly. I realize that the hugs and the time we spend with friends/or at work are a very crucial part of our lives. But, I also realized that the time you spend taking care of yourself is just as important. So… why not take all of this extra time and take immense care of yourself? Maybe cook, take long, hot baths; go on dates with yourself; start that habit which everyone thinks is lame; don’t stop smiling!]

[P.P.S: Please let me know how you like this piece? I usually take like 10 minutes to write these. Basically, every post on my blog is impulsive and unedited (exceptions apart). I’d love your feedback! Thanks!]

[Written and Curated by Aadhya]

[Picture from Unsplash]

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4 Kommentare

31. Okt. 2020

Thanks, Sai Surya!! I'll try my best to post much better stuff in the future~~

Gefällt mir

Sai Surya Indraganti
Sai Surya Indraganti
31. Okt. 2020

Good one.

You're absolutely right.

Only a very few people had this knowledge prior to the pandemic.

Everyone needs to take care of themselves, then they'll realise how well and soothing it feels.

Gefällt mir

31. Okt. 2020

Thanks so much, Evil Spawn!!! And thanks for leaving a comment!! I'll try my best to post much better stuff in the future~~

Gefällt mir

Evil Spawn
Evil Spawn
31. Okt. 2020

Damnnn😳😳 one of the best I’ve ever read😍

Gefällt mir
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