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The First.

Love maybe perceived by every single individual, in their own unique way. One might find it in their pet puppy, one might find it in words of a book/person, one might find it in music and one might find it in a human. Wherever you find yours, stick to it, like a leech and that's how you can be happy. That's how you would smile. That's how you get on with life.

It's the first time,

that is always spectacularly memorable.

Under the blazing sun,

your soft skin reflected the

soothingly warm sunlight.

That's when I saw you, while I

opened my eyes,

after tasting the most wonderful

lips, I have ever tasted.

Those lips which were

destined to be mine, melted me away.

We made love to each other,

as if worshiping in a shrine.

He was ordinary, but she was

like a droplet on the rose: very sublime.

Their eyes locked with joy,

just like they were staring at 

a screen showing their lifetime.

Until next time,



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