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Song: Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

A recommendation by Pranavi Sai.

He chose to brighten the act of our dancing by singing the song I now adore the most - "Perfect by Ed Sheeren"

So, we met during training in the office located in Mysore. I was introduced to his friends and they instantly warmed up to me so much that we practically became family. One evening we were casually strolling on the campus and we all saw that the famous amphitheater was empty with little or no audience. He dragged me on to the stage and we were just spectating how it looked from that end of the theater when he grabbed my hand and started dancing. I was shy at first but his lit-up face made me play along and soon we were slowly dancing without music. He chose to brighten up the act by singing the song I now adore the most - "Perfect". And as I danced slowly and happily with him that night I realized that the song doesn't just apply to women. He was every inch as perfect!

(Video can be found on and is taken from YouTube!)

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