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Rewind 🔄: memories ♥️.

A rewind of one of Harita's memories.

Did you ever experience a rush of memories in your brain when you experience a similar touch or smell or taste that you had experienced in your past?

I want to share one of my most favorite feelings I often experience. I woke up one Sunday lazily and decided to relax all day. I couldn't survive without bathing though, as my brain was reminding me over and over again that I am a mess right now. Because it has never been my habit to skip bathing. So, I went to take a hot water bath. As the first mug of hot water fell on me, I went into the loop of memories of how my mother used to get me bathed when I was a kid.

"Isn't it ironic that your memories run in the blink of an eye, just with the experience of similar things we feel or come across?"

Everyone at home was getting ready and my mother was making sure the water in the bucket was hot enough for me to take bath on an ice-cold winter morning. We were to go on a pilgrimage to Srisailam. After the arrangements were done, she poured the first mug of hot water on me. I remember how happy I felt with that hot water bath. After she wrapped me in a towel, I snuggled her and felt even warmer and cozier in her hug.

When that water with the same temperature as it was in my childhood drips over me, I get lost in my childhood how my mother used to take care of me. She does now too, but differently though.

Tell me which experiences remind you of your loved ones.

Written by Sri Haritha Deevi, curated by Aadhya.

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