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Memoirs of Forgetfulness

Updated: May 4, 2021


they come, they go.

They make me smile,

they make me wail.

But I let them wash over me,

because I rarely get them at sea.

Now let me sail,

until I deliver, from my head

to my heart these memoirs

before I forget again.


they come, they go,

and someday they’d stay,

stay here in my heart.

As a feeling more than

A memory.

Make me smile,

make me wail.

Oh, honey, how could you

think I could forget

where my heart belongs?

[P.S: I love thinking about memories or talk about them, especially those that make me smile. Maybe it is because I have very little of them with me. I welcome any kind of memories, I wait for them to stay in my head forever. You guys may think this is sad, but it changes depending on your mood. Try reading it when you are happy, excited, or sad. You’ll know what I mean!]

[P.P.S: Let me know how you like this one in the comments? I know you need to subscribe for that and that it is annoying, but please do? There’s no spam at all.]

Written & Curated by Aadhya

[Picture from: UnSplash]

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