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Love: Something lost.

He looks into my eyes, he looks at me,

like he sees beyond just a person in me.

Maybe he sees desire, pain,

happiness, or intimacy.

After all, all that we care for is feeling these emotions. So, I look into his eyes too,

and I let myself feel.

And without words, we speak.

I let myself be sucked into this storm, with him by my side.

We weren't really doing anything, just gazing into each other's eyes.

Although we were covered in skin, we were naked in thoughts and soul.

Expressing something didn't liberate me so much before.

I could make any man say that he loves me.

But, I believe and I tell my heart that this is the man I chose to give my heart to, without expecting him to give me his. This newfound freedom is quickly replaced by a strange feeling.

Was it called love, something that's lost? Or was it desire?

Do we really desire what we love? Or do we just love what we desire?

Does intimacy mean everything? Or is there more power in isolation?

Could anyone ever answer these? Are these even the right questions?

I believe, one has to travel, take risks, go on an adventure, push their boundaries,

experience things, get uncomfortable, and feel the feelings that are tucked away in a cave undiscovered by humans for millions of years.

Submitting to this endless churning of human desires might

help one explore love beyond this world.

Whereas taking control might be pleasurable in the beginning,

except one gets routine and lifeless.

Do we simply feel courageous or cowardly when we seek the explanation of all

the pain, happiness, desire and intimacy?

All of which are elements of Love, something now found: Within.

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