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How did I not know?

How did I not know?

When I look at you, All I can focus on is,


Your innocent smile,

Your sparkly shy eyes,

Your baby scent,

Your tender voice,

How did I not know?

I can talk to you about anything,

And you understand,

You console me,

You are always there

Like a silent star,

Radiating hope like it’s nothing. How did I not know?

When you ask me about


I always ask for more time,

Always deter from it,

But, you always smile,

And let go.

To your gentle heart,

How could I?

Am I just calling this confusion, Because I am scared to

call you mine? Or because I just feel


But, I will always, always,

Yearn for your company, and

Envy anyone you are with.

So I guess,

I am indeed in,

What they call,


With you. Now I know.

Did you have the same feelings?

How did I not know?

Written and Curated by Aadhya.

[Image from UnSplash]

PS: Tell me how you perceived this one in the comments! I wrote it very impulsively, and if you know me personally, you would know that I make these poems up in 10 minutes. I would really love to hear your feedback and any suggestions are welcome! Thanks for reading all the way till here, you lovely, kind human!

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