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Hold To Hope [Contest winning piece: August]

Sitting by the rock – lost and forlorn,

She stared into the far, misty horizon;

Profound melancholy began trickling in,

Drifting in like a gentle water stream;

Her hopes were shattered –failures

Haunted her like the grim reaper

The mystic, aeolian gusty winds hit her,

filling the chasm in her soul;

She looked up - gazing at the pale moon,

As though it caressed her burdens away;

Her eyes lingered on that fine beauty,

For a few moments, lasting an eternity;

It was frail yet regal, dull yet mystic,

Juxtaposing its self in different ways;

A smile crept on her face – so tender,

As though a revelation had hit her;

Tranquility overpowered her sorrow.

Akin to the sun at dawn, devouring darkness

She resolved to etch her own fair-tale,

Paint her own canvas, in the welkin,

Making stars envious of her shimmer!

Written by Swetha Narayanan.

Curated by Aadhya. Picked by Aadhya, Alka Mishra ( Thanks for helping me pick this one from the many submissions we got! )

[picture from Unsplash]

We got a total of 57 submissions and let me tell you, it was super difficult for me to pick a winner. - alone. So I asked my friend, Alka Mishra, who did not participate in this contest, to help me pick a winner. So we did our best to pick something both of liked, I did ask a few others how they found this particular piece along with the other one's I personally liked, and everyone picked this one! So, a Hearty Congratulations, Swetha!!

I thank all the participants who made this contest a huge success!! Please look forward to future contests!!

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