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A part of what I am

Your voice flows to me,

Like a river to the sea,

Destined, to be one.

Your eyes sparkle in mine,

Like a mirror in the sun,

Gleaming, to be burnt.

Your skin glides on mine,

like silk on wood,

Conceiving, the best art.

Your heart beats with mine,

Like a rhythm of a song,

Starting, and ending,


Darling, How would I not miss you,

When you’re a part of what I am

Then, and now?

Written and Curated by Aadhya.

[Image from UnSplash]

PS: Tell me how you perceived this one in the comments! I wrote it very impulsively, and if you know me personally, you would know that I make these poems up in 10 minutes. I would really love to hear your feedback and any suggestions are cool! Thanks for reading all the way till here, you Lovely person!

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Edith Friday
Edith Friday
Apr 10, 2021

I am infront of London bridge.

Met my friend after a decade; hugged him.

As your poem goes on, I started orating it to him with compassion, feeling every stanza.

Happiness on my face, love on his.

Apr 10, 2021
Replying to

Aww ✨✨ That's beautiful :)

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