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Song: i'm so tired... by Lauv and Troye Sivan.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Some lyrics:

I'm so tired of love songs, tired of love songs, Tired of love songs, tired of love. Just wanna go home, wanna go home, wanna go home, whoa...

Like anyone who got kicked in the ass by love and

all of its deceptive simplicity,

I searched for consolation in everything I did.

Just about when I was going to crash and

forget who I was, I found this song.

This song made me feel like I

wasn't the only one who's a fan of holding on.

I wasn't the only one who got tired of love

or love songs.

There's company!

I did all kinds of things:

finding people at parties,

killing my lonely nights with strangers

or waiting for you like a fool,

knowing you won't

ever come.

This song was a string that connected

the disarrayed world within me

to the world that once used to be mine.

Helping me reorder myself.

My belief that there's rhythm in

everything we do, from as simple a

thing as a smile to something

the complex we feel such as, Love

has been sung.

As you keep listening to it,

the words, the tunes, the amplifications,

every detail calms you.

Finally, you find your home,

as warm as it could get,

as cozy as you'd wished,

and as lovely as it can ever be:

You, you dumbo!

Watch the song here!

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